No need of Big Data experience

The strenght of data, without the weight of specific skills.

One of the biggest problem for companies that want to exploit the high potential of Big Data is the lack of specific skills and the need of professionals and DBAs, with the related need for further investments. Isaac was born to solve such problems and simplify the user’s life, allowing them to manage Big Data easily and build an entire cluster without writing a single line of code. With a “wizard”, the user will be able to install, configure, and launch the required components in few steps, having always the visibility of what will be installed on their servers. For advanced users there is a utility for advanced configuration as well.

No need to write Code

A high-power tool. Codeless.

With the DB Builder tool, the codes will no longer be a brake on the performance growth, moreover  no codes means a real acceleration. DB Builder has a double function: it will guide you in physically creating the schema,  providing also useful tips for designing it. The procedures for creating keyspace, tables and indexes (which allow you to build your own database with no need to write codes) are enriched  with tips on how to get better results. The DB Builder, therefore, helps the user to increase his experience within the NoSQL.

No need of  Time to start

Start your journey with Isaac, quickly.

Just 15  minutes. Just the time for a coffee break, more or less. That is enough to start exploring, testing Isaac and discovering all its features. The user can comfortably install and configure Isaac without any waste of time, starting with few steps a path designed to increase the competitiveness of his company. The speed it is possible to implement Isaac with is the same that allows companies, through this platform, to make quickly the best decisions for their business, adapting to the frequent changes and evolutions in real time

Need more

Up to 100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory or 10 times faster on disk

Need more

Always up & running and able to accept application request, even when hardware and software crash

Need higher

Isaac provides an easily scalable system in which you only have to add nodes in order to increase performance

 Easy, quick, versatile.