Isaac IoT

Not just a project: Isaac turns business
opportunities into reality

No matter what industry you are working on, today everyone is interested in building innovative IoT applications abd Isaac is the easiest tool to increase the business opportunity in this market. Cars, fridges, clothes: everyday objects can generate an incredible amount of data and Isaac helps embed business and machine data, lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, allowing the companies to expand towards new markets, developing new product offerings. Because, in Isaac’s opinion, Big Data and IoT will evolve togheter, in a common and profitable path.

Isaac ML

Increase your productivity and make the
difference. Now.

With the unbelievable amount of data generated every day, today descriptive analytics is not enough and companies are more orientes to the predictive analytics, which put togeter data science and machine learning. Machine learning and predictive analysis offer the chance to release the data power: using Isaac the companies can extract maximum value from their data, remarkably improving their productivity. Regardless of the source available, Isaac gives correct information quickly at the right time, leading the decision-makers to be more efficient.

Isaac BI

Isaac and BI: find the treasure map hidden among you data

The integration of powerful Big Data Analytics and BI System is an essential step towards the complete return on investment. Big Data Analytics and BI are two complementary elements: an advanced analytics provides a deeper perspective, meanwhile BI systems provide a more organized user experience. With Isaac everyone in your company can be an analyst, thanks to the easy tool to import data, build DB and query you can connect your BI platform and create custom dashboards and charts in order to make the best decision for the future of your business.

It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s versatile.