Metrics and events, empowering IoT Projects

Isaac TS is the first complete Time Series platform, to deploy, configure, manage and monitor all the technical components of an IoT data management system. DB+services architecture, enabling across multiple industries and use cases.

All in one platform: from data collection, monitoring to external applications

Based on micro-service architecture Isaac TS allows the development of projects based on Time-Series data analysis. Optimized for IoT solutions implementation.

More than a database

Not only a reliable and high performant database. Isaac TS offers a complete Time Series-oriented infrastructure. Monitoring, dynamic integration of external sources, secure replication and more.

Fast implementation of IoT applications

Isaac TS allows the simplified modeling of millions of data coming from devices and sensors in Near-Real-Time. Management and prevention of operational errors in the IoT field.

Mission critical insights

Collect and analyse even more data to monitor systems, identify recurring patterns and automatize business processes.

Key Features

Dedicated Datacenter

Isaac TS has two Data Centers: one optimized for data writing, one for data reading. This subdivision means better operating speed and performances.

Visual Monitoring

Isaac TS provides its users with an interactive dashboard for data and infrastructure monitoring: the graphs provide a complete and intuitive overview of the status of the platform.

Modular Architecture

Isaac TS scalable Microservices structure provides the needed flexibility to be able to manage components and functionalities in a simple and fast way.

Real Time Management of data

Isaac TS allows to perform analysis and get insights in Real Time, thanks to the use of a temporary storage buffer of incoming data.

Smart Modeling

Isaac TS includes predefined templates to easily organize time series data for numerical data (IoT sensors), metrics (system logs) and geographic coordinates (vehicle travel data).

Dynamic Connectors

Along with the entire infrastructure, Isaac TS provides dynamic connectors to import data from external sources, such as IoT devices, other Databases, and Files.

Automatic Translation

Isaac TS provides APIs for query writing through JSON, without any need to know the CQL language.

Fast & Relevant Analysis

With Isaac TS, you can perform aggregation and Roll Up operations, which are useful to reduce query writing times and quickly get complete analysis for detecting anomalies and trends across millions of data.

Deadline Settings

It is possible to choose the moment when Isaac TS will cancel all the time series no longer relevant to your business, by manually setting the TTL (TimeToLive) of data.

Time-Series analysis in a snap

Isaac TS maximizes the performance of time series analysis through smart data modeling and the monitoring of the entire infrastructure, all-in one platform

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Isaac its features and no code interface provides the complete solution to manage your data easily. We have extensive experience providing Big Data consulting, helping our customers effortlessly build distributed environments