Startup Offer

Isaac Startup Offer has been thought to help you, new businesses with great ideas, focus on your growth, giving you the opportunity to have free access to all of our innovative tools.

With Isaac you will be able to collect and manage your data in the easiest way ever. Just Plug & Play, and be ready to scale.

What Startups get

  • Full access to all Isaac functionalities, completely for free, until time to market!
  • Really special rates after time to market.
  • The expertise of our team at your disposal, to help you develop the perfect vertical solution for your business.

4 reasons why Isaac is a must-have for your Startup

It’s Plug & Play:
despite the complexity of the technologies on which it is based, Isaac is dramatically simple to install and use. Get fast access to the best tools on the market thanks to our easy-to-use environment.
It lets you focus on your growth:
there’s no need to acquire specific skills to enter Isaac world. Just think there’s no need to write code: this means, no wasting money and time on the acquisition of a data scientist.
It’s not too soon to start:
if you want to become big, then you will have to think big. Your data might be few, but not necessarily structured. With Isaac, you are given the possibility to collect all of your data (even the most etherogeneous and unstructured ones) and accelerate your time to market.
You are ready to scale:
as a young Startup, you sure have the right energy to start your path on our scalable platform. Making it to the top has never been easier!
Do you really dare giving up on Big Data power?

You can benefit from this offer if:

  • Your Startup is a private company.
  • Your Startup has been set up for no more than 3 years.
  • The total value of your Startup annual production does not exceed 5 million euros.

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