Plug & Play Isaac
unleash the power of Big Data

Create your Big Data environment in the most easy, performant and scalable way.
Collect in Real Time the most important data for your business, from any source.
Your Data, your Results, your Business: rely on Isaac.

Isaac is a new approach to Big Data.

A platform for the management of NoSQL DB
to collect and manage any data from any source.

Just few and simple steps to build a performing and powerful Big Data environment,
with no impact on your technical infrastructure.

Easy, elementary

You don’t have to be a Data Scientist or
an expert. With Isaac you can start
working without specific skills.

The time for a tea break.

Your Big Data in a tea break: only
15 minutes to start reduce time
to market. The best results in the fastest

Forget code

Save time and energy: with Isaac
your Big Data analytics solution is
at hand. Installation and
configuration without code writing.

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Discover more about Isaac and Big Data world: you will get access to our one month Free Trial!

No Big Data experience.

The power of data, without the need for specific skills.

Isaac has been thought to semplify users experience, allowing them to manage Big
Data in a simple way and to build an entire cluster  without having to write a single line of code.

Through a wizard, you will be able to configure and start the required components in a few steps,  always having control over what will be installed on your servers.

No need to write code

A super powerful tool. Without code writing

With DB Builder tool codes will not obstacle the growth of
performance anymore
, since this tool has the double functionality to guide you through the creation of
the scheme, and giving you useful advices for its design.

The procedures for the creation of keyspaces, tables and indexes (which allow to build your
own Database without having to write code) are completed with suggestions on how to
obtain the best results. The DB Builder, also helps you have a better experience
in NoSQL field.

No limits to time to market.

Start your journey with Isaac. In the fastest way.

Only 15 minutes, more or less the time for a tea break. It’s enough to start
exploring and testing Isaac and all its features. You will be able to install
and configure Isaac without wasting time, to start immediately a journey aimed at
increasing the competitiveness of your company

You will get the chance to take fast and better decisions for your business, adapting
your company to daily changes and evolutions in a short time.


Doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, Isaac offers the right solution to every
business need. Discover how Isaac can offer to your company the best
growth opportunity and increase the efficacy of your strategic plan.

 Easy, quick, versatile.

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