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Providing our expertise and know-how in the creation of distributed architectures at scale. Committed in empowering developers for the smart building of innovative applications.
Helping customers getting real time, accurate insights, easily and without having to write extensive lines of code. Automated and robust data management systems: database, analytics, streaming and extra sevices included.

Sustainable operability

No need for DBA and specific skills. Building infrastructures and manipulating data made developer-friendly. Smart creation of customised data ecosystems.

Fast delivery

Boosting the creation of Big Data-based environments. Installation and execution of technical components within minutes. Acceleration of time to market through fast delivered POC.

No stop availability

Always on infrastructures. Able to welcome application requests even in case of hardware/software crash. Robust and modular, to always ensure high performances.

Isaac is compliant with GDPR regulation!

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Resilient tools.

Based on the most performant
technologies on the market, Isaac
solutions are intended to be fully
equipped and ready to use.
No add-ons needed.

Isaac is also available on Retelit Multicloud Marketplace!

We are the reference platform for the building of Big Data-oriented projects within the first real offer of Italian Public Cloud infrastructure.

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See how we can turn your projects into action within a few days

Request now a Proof of Concept (POC). Our experts are at your disposal to evaluate the technical feasibility of your projects and start building an Isaac-based application critical to your business needs. Validation and instant action, without any technical risk.

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Isaac with its features and no code interface provides the complete solution to manage your data easily. We have extensive experience providing Big Data consulting, helping our customers effortlessly build distributed environments.

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