NoSQL, managed easily

Isaac DE is a no code Big Data platform to rapidly build, manage and monitor an entire NoSQL environment. Enterprise-ready for the creation of modern applications.

Configure, create and manage Big Data environment at ease.

The NoSQL management platform that allows the user to design and manage an entire distributed environment without code writing. A single platform integrates storage, security and analytics. Isaac DE enables users to collect relevant data and use them in external applications to make strategic decisions for your business.

No code, just data

Isaac DE allows the fast building and implementation of a Big Data infrastructure without the need of extensive coding.
Developers customization still available.

Fast deployment, instant action

Isaac DE goes to work within a few minutes, not days. Wizard-included installation and configuration of components.

Safe management of overloads

Isaac DE easily handles significant growth of data amount. High performances granted through smart addition of nodes.

Key Features

Cluster Manager

Isaac DE simplifies the user experience: thanks to the installation and configuration tool it is possible to build an entire cluster within a few steps, all through web interface.

Visual Monitoring

Isaac DE provides its users with an interactive dashboard infrastructure monitoring: the graphs provide a complete and intuitive overview of the status of the platform.

Backup & Restore

This feature allows to manage the history of backups, to back upon every single node and optionally to transfer the backup files to an external host.

Smart DB Builder

Isaac DE helps the user in the physical creation of a schema and it also gives useful suggestions to design the architecture of your database.

Multi Data Center

Isaac DE allows the creation of distributed ecosystems. Replication of data on dislocated data centers is made possibile to ensure safety and reliability.

Dynamic Connectors

Along with the entire infrastructure, Isaac DE provides dynamic connectors to import data from external sources, such as other Databases and Files, Cloud and Social.

Smart Query Builder

Allows the creation of queries without any need to write code lines. A guided procedure helps the user to optimize the final query and obtain the best performances.

Real Time Maintenance

From Isaac DE interface it is possible to perform maintenance operations from the browser, without the need for direct access to the machines.

User Manager

Isaac DE is based on users and roles in order to define security levels: the users for entering the application are automatically integrated with roles and permissions on the database.

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Isaac with its features and no code interface provides the complete solution to manage your data easily. We have extensive experience providing Big Data consulting, helping our customers effortlessly build distributed environments