Pharmaceutical companies have to deal with information contained in different data silos, which are not always easy to handle.  The pharmaceutical industries that understand the great potential of Isaac can definitely discover the power of Big Data Analytics, accelerate their R&S process and get real benefits: e.g. efficient clinical trials, rapid time to market and more efficient drug production process.

Transform scientific studies into custom medicines

With Isaac analysts can obtain an overview that allows them to understand the biological response and the molecular mechanisms of compounds or drugs by discovering biomarkers for use in R&D and clinical trials.

Next generation sequencing

Traditional IT systems can’t archive and process data from new generation sequencing fast and efficiently. Isaac allows you to easily capture different types of data coming from external sources of genetic data, such as TCGA, GENBANK and EMBL, providing a complete view of clinical research for the development of customized drugs and therapies.

Optimize efficacy of vaccine

With Isaac, pharmaceutical companies can analyze production data to isolate the most useful variables in forecasting. Isaac allows you to extract data from records of hundreds of batches of a vaccine, dating several years back. By combining data in Isaac and processing hundreds of variables, it is possible to identify those that can optimize performance. It is thus possible to concentrate on the production of quality drugs at the lowest possible price.

Use real data to provide real evidences

With Isaac, pharmaceutical companies can combine data from any source, including medical records, prescriptions, social media, and so on, to get information like:

Cost / Quality of Medicines
Analysis on prices of competitors
Clinical targeting on a geographic and demographic basis
Analysis of different types of drugs
Personalized analysis and therapies

Minimize waste in the drug production process

Thanks to Isaac you can get an overview of the entire drug manufacturing proces by collecting and analyzing real-time data from connected machine and IoT devices, identifying the waste and minimizing it.

Isaac can improve the business strategies and cut production and supply costs.

Easy, quick, versatile.