Industry 4.0 is no longer just a project, but a reality.
In order to achieve better results and increase flexibility, it is now necessary to rethink the life cycle management of the production chain and to gain a strategic vision towards the IT world. The introduction of a communicative channel that connects products, machineries and people can not ignore Big Data and with Isaac, it is possible to better govern the entire value chain of the manufacturing sector. Collect and manage data from the most disparate sources (existing systems, IoT sensors, machines, robots, etc.). Analyse all of your data, in order to produce disruptive systems able to make sure that all the gears of your business can work at best and avoid obstacles along the way to innovation.

Improve operational processes by analysing data coming from IoT sensors

Making the production process digital and connected through IoT sensors is now a mandatory step to ensure the efficiency of the plant and increase its productivity. Having visibility of what happens allows to identify any faults or malfunctioning of the machineries and therefore to plan interventions in time. With Isaac and the analysis of data coming from sensors, you will be able to monitor the production operations in real time and therefore to considerably improve the updating time of installations, as well as to guarantee safety inside the plant and regulations compliance. Quality, performance and machineries will always be under control.

Provide better services and support to customers
to improve customer experience

Isaac allows you to better manage data and then perform a cross-analysis of information regarding quality, returns of customers and other interesting parameters, so that you can act promptly on processes to improve them and reduce overall costs. Many companies, in order to be competitive on the market, act at the product level, neglecting the dynamics concerning the customer experience. And it is precisely in this area that Isaac can provide the industries with profitable help. The construction of a dynamic production and distribution process will allow you to respond in an immediate and precise way to the customer’s questions, through continuous updates about the inventory and other variables. Furthermore, thanks to Isaac it is possible to exploit data regarding sales and social channels, to develop an improve customer profile with a more precise visibility about the preferences and needs of the individual.

Control the distribution Cycle

Analysing data managed through Isaac will give you more visibility within the distribution quality levels and more precision in predicting vendors performance over time.  Using Isaac and the information deriving from Big Data, manufacturers are able to visualize the accuracy of delivery in real time. The management of quality metrics becomes the priority compared to the only measurement of performance of the delivery program. For example, the consumption of some products is often strongly linked to meteorological models.  The ability to predict a strong incoming cold ,could be used for the pro-active allocation of supplies and the determination of the effect on the distribution of storage between regions.

Easy, quick, versatile.