The media and entertainment industries are driven by the needs to reduce operating costs and at the same time to generate more revenue from increasingly competitive and uncertain markets. M&E companies are adopting big data technologies because it enables them to drive digital transformation using data already available and also new sources of data located both inside and outside the organisation.

Improve customer targeting

Companies in M&E  need to understand how customers interact in order to capture the opportunities of up selling and cross selling. Thanks to Isaac all the data coming from social media, internet traffic, historical data in different DBs, interactions after purchasing the service / product, can be managed and interrogated in real time to understand and target the customer and his preferences. Marketing offers and campaigns can be more accurate and personalized.

Providing custom content

Isaac provides M&E companies the ability to deliver content in customers favorite format through the sentiment analysis, enabling them to understand how customers enjoy certain content, how much time they spend on them, and changes in their lifestyle. Isaac also offers the opportunity to anticipate the M&E market through predictive analysis, encouraging the development of new personalized content by expanding and improving business opportunities.

Transforming predictions into concrete actions

Thanks to Isaac predictive analysis allows to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of strategic decisions and offers smart decisional functionalities, which directly goes into marketer’s and company users’ hands. In this way, Isaac allows to anticipate the desires and needs of clients offering them exactly what they want. The operating realities in M&E field can obtain answers besed on data in real time and offers their clients matching experiences, perfectly planned.

 Easy, quick, versatile.