Thanks to Isaac for Insurance companies, everything is possible: you can obtain an holistic view on your customers and connected devices for a better understanding of every situation. Insurance industries can provide better services to their customers improving their experience and provide better insurance policies.

Detection of fraud

Isaac allows you to apply Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis on data available in the insurance company, in order to identify a greater number of fraudolent or invalid claims. Thanks to real time alerts it is possible to make special investigations or analysis , following a priority order based on the fraud risk they have.

Providing services for risk reduction

With Isaac it is possible to establish algorithms that identify high risk phenomena, such as epidemics or adverse climatic conditions, by sending alerts from connected devices, providing timely alerts that help customers protect themselves and their property.

A car insurance company for example can provide better services by informing the driver in real time when, for example, a severe storm affects a particular stretch of road and then suggests less risky alternative routes.

Building a 360 degree customer view

Insurance companies interact with customers through multiple channels, for this reason data about customer’s requests and complaint reside in different DBs.

Isaac enables insurance companies to have a holistic view of their customers by collecting and managing data from IoT devices and allows companies to apply predictive algorithms to provide customers with personalized insurance policies, improving their business.

Providing custom offers based on the driving behaviour

With Isaac, insurance companies can capture and store all driving data from sensors, and process huge data-sets in half the time compared to other systems on the market. By applying predictive analysis on these data, drivers can be rewarded for driving style using real-time data instead of hypothesis based on age, car type, location, and previous history.

Handle customer requests

Data analysis and management play an important role in customer care. Data mining techniques can group and prioritize different customer requests in order to assign them to the customer care provider best suited to that type of request. This allows the insurance companies to save a significant amount of time and then to reduce the operating costs.

Easy, quick, versatile.