Telco Industries have to deal with an incredible amount of data per second every day. They need to manage real time data in a fast and easy way and transform every information in a strategic insight for their business. Isaac can provide instruments to front this kind of situation, thanks to the Streaming APIs inside the platform.

Analyse Call Data

Telco companies perform analysis on interrupted calls and sound quality and these data enter the systems at the speed of millions per second. Such a high volume makes it difficult to analyze root causes, which often have to occur in real time while the customer is awaiting for the answer. Isaac is able to acquire millions of CDRs per second and process them all in real time to identify problematic patterns. The goal is to improve call quality, customer satisfaction level, and service margins.

Develop new products

Mobile devices produce a huge amount of data about how, when and where this data is used. These data have very high value for product managers, but they are characterised by volumes and varieties that make it difficult to acquire, archive, and analyse data on a large scale. Isaac can collect and manage the most important data about the use of a product by speeding up innovation. The system is able to gather instant feedback from the big data analysis of a product launch by enabling product managers to remedy any defects and maximize revenue.

Create cross-selling opportunities

Isaac offers telecommunications companies the opportunity to take advantage of their customers’ data to be more confident in recommending the ‘next product to buy. In this way, sellers have more powerful tools available for customer interaction.

A data lake managed by using Isaac reduces obstacles at the time of sale and creates competitive advantages through methods similar to those of Amazon for e-commerce.

Allocate bandwidth in real time

With the APIs for streaming data provided by Isaac , network operators can display peaks of data in call centers, by adjusting bandwidth. The sentiment analysis based on call center annotation texts can also help to understand how these peaks affect customer experience. This enhances the quality of service and customer satisfaction, as well as providing valuable information to strategically plan the creation of more powerful networks.

Improve infrastructure investments

The use of bandwidth and services may not be aligned with programs for installing new towers and transmission lines. For this reason the analysis of Network Access Data contributes to get a better understanding of the use of services in a specific geographic area. This enables the analysis of loads on the network and planning to ensure precision and security on future investments on infrastructure.

 Easy, quick, versatile.