Managing and monitoring data coming from urban contexts with Isaac means to have instant access to crucial information about traffic, smart traffic lights, parking lots, charging columns, connected vehicles, car and bike sharing apps, and much more.

Manage urban ecosystem data

Data coming from IoT sensors and devices installed on traffic lights, vehicles, parking areas etc., when effectively used, monitored and analysed, allow greater efficiency in the management of smart mobility. Traffic lights and streetlights that work according to the flow of vehicles, allow greater fluidity in the concentration of cars and public transport. Isaac allows the simplified management of this data, as it is specifically designed for the analysis and monitoring of data structured in time series.

Monitor parking areas in Real Time

The large amount of data generated by all connected devices and coming from smart parking apps is managed by Isaac through an extremely easy-to-use interface, for simplified data modeling and the monitoring of performances over time; it therefore makes it possible for the citizen to have a better experience in the use of public parking spaces. For example, knowing all the parking spaces available in a given area, you can choose which one to use by optimizing the time and thus reaching the desired destination as quickly as possible.

Maximize the efficiency of public transport

There are several apps that monitor the travel and arrival times of public transport within cities. Smart mobility allows the user to use data from GPS, smart traffic lights, black boxes etc… to know in advance the travel times and arrival in a certain area and lets him choose the fastest means to reach it, thus improving both the quality of travel and the quality of life. Isaac collects data from all these sources, allowing to manage them in real time, for preventive analysis and then an analysis aimed at improvement, through the application of machine learning algorithms.

Avoid slowing down circulation

Failure to synchronize traffic lights increases the risk of traffic congestion, making mobility even more difficult, especially in cities with high vehicle concentrations.
Thanks to Isaac all the data coming from the cameras installed on the traffic lights, from the sensors for synchronizing the green and red bands, are collected, analyzed in real-time or near real time, displayed through a monitoring section present within the interface and used to predict vehicle flows.

Easy, quick, versatile.